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Cheap escorts in London often wonder why their partner can’t seem to understand what they’re saying, and it’s easy to get the idea that they might be hard of hearing or just not comprehending things based on their facial expressions or body language. It’s a relatively common phenomenon that often leads to frustration and polarization in relationships, especially hot passionate ones with cheap escorts in London but what are some other reasons? 

One reason behind this phenomenon can be found in neuroscience research conducted by Professor Nicholas Christenfeld of Yale University. London escorts found his work particularly interesting. This professor believes that many couples may have difficulty understanding one another due to differences in how each sex solves problems mentally. 

First of all, he says, women and men tend to think and solve problems through different mental routes. Women tend to see problems as “open to many solutions,” while men tend to focus on “one right answer.” He explains that this can lead people to adopt a pattern of thinking in which they want to solve things “from multiple angles” as opposed to one specific pattern used by the opposite sex. This pattern leads many from each sex not only finding their way stuck in a maze but also finding it very hard for them to understand one another. London escorts found this to be such an eye opener as to why they are always bumping heads with their significant others. 

At first, this effect can be seen in how men and women approach problems. For example, researchers found that women usually try to find what other people think about the problem at hand to gain understanding of other people’s perspectives. This is often very helpful in resolving issues and finding how to solve them. On the other hand, men tend to view issues only from their own perspective without relying on others’ opinions or actions. This can cause them to become somewhat self-defeating when they cannot solve something according to their own methods, which is detrimental both for men and for others around them. 

On the other hand, men and women also solve different problems. Christenfeld found that women often think in terms of material solutions dealing with dollars and cents, while men tend to solve problems through relationships with others, which London escorts definitely agree with. For example, when discussing a problem people sometimes put themselves in the other’s shoes in order to see things from that person’s perspective. Surprisingly enough though, this technique does not seem to work that well in improving communication because it does not help people decrease their selfishness. 

Other studies conducted by Christenfeld have shown that men are also more likely to use humor as a form of problem solving, while this method does not seem to occur often with women. On the other hand, it is known that women are better at understanding non-verbal cues during dialogue, another thing London escorts agree with. These differences can lead many people not only being unable to understand one another but also being difficult to live with. Which is often the case with London escorts. 

When trying to solve problems in a relationship, men and women need to take each other’s perspectives into account in order for the solution to be effective. 

It is a pleasant surprise to find out that there are certain things a person can do to be able to better understand their partner and improve their ability of being able to understand others. According to Christenfeld, men and women who can think from each other’s perspective, usually from both their own and from each other’s perspectives, will have a better chance for solving problems effectively. 

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